medical, medicinal.
doctor, physician, Doctor of Medicine, healer.
* * *
1 medical
nombre masculino,nombre femenino
1 doctor, physician
médico,-a de cabecera general practitioner, GP
médico,-a de familia family doctor
médico,-a forense forensic scientist
médico interno houseman, US intern
* * *
1. (f. - médica)
2. noun mf.
doctor, physician
* * *
médico, -a
ADJ medical

asistencia médica — medical attention

receta médica — prescription

SM / F doctor

médico/a de cabecera — family doctor, GP

médico/a (de medicina) general — general practitioner

médico/a dentista — dental surgeon

médico/a deportivo/a — sports doctor

médico/a forense — forensic surgeon, expert in forensic medicine; (Jur) coroner

médico/a interno/a — houseman, intern (EEUU)

médico/a naturista — naturopath

médico/a partero/a — obstetrician

médico/a pediatra, médico/a puericultor(a) — paediatrician

médico/a residente — houseman, intern (EEUU)

médico/a rural — country doctor

* * *
-ca adjetivo medical

un reconocimiento médico — a medical (examination)

está en tratamiento médico — he is having o undergoing treatment

-ca masculino, femenino, médico masculino y femenino doctor
* * *
-ca adjetivo medical

un reconocimiento médico — a medical (examination)

está en tratamiento médico — he is having o undergoing treatment

-ca masculino, femenino, médico masculino y femenino doctor
* * *
1 = clinician, MD (Medical Doctor), physician, doctor, medical practitioner, healer, medical doctor.

Ex: A study was designed to address this question, particularly as applied to clinicians and user-friendly search software package such as Grateful Med.

Ex: This article outlines the steps taken by the library to meet the accrediation standards of the Liason Committee for Medical Education for a full 4 year MD granting institution.
Ex: The results indicate that physicians vary in their information needs, preferences, motivations, and strategies for seeking information.
Ex: Sometimes librarians have to explain to enquirers who will almost certainly not believe them that ostriches do not put their heads in the sand, that in Britain at least, doctors do not take the Hippocratic oath, and that both the yeti and Sweeney Todd's baber's shop are fiction.
Ex: To fulfil their potential, librarians must articulate and act upon a vision that involves them more fully in the work of faculty, researchers, and medical practitioners.
Ex: Just why a patient should trust a particular healer is a question that has not been adequately explored in the literature on healing.
Ex: The results show clearly that occupational prestige does not depend upon salary or money factors (teaching being ranked second only to medical doctor).
* consulta de médico = doctor's surgery.
* médico de cabecera = general practitioner (GP), family practitioner, family doctor.
* médico de familia = family practitioner, general practitioner (GP), family doctor.
* médico de hospital = hospital physician.
* médico forense = coroner.
* médico residente = house physician, doctor in residence.
* paramédico = paramedical [para-medical].

2 = medical.

Ex: The asbestos literature is discussed under its industrial, medical, legal, control and abatement aspects.

* asistencia médica = medical care, health care [healthcare], medical aid, medical assistance.
* atención médica = medical attention.
* avance médico = medical advance.
* ciencia médica = medical science.
* clínica médica = medical clinic.
* cobertura médica = medical cover.
* cuidado médico = medical attention.
* desde un punto de vista médico = medically, medically.
* diagnóstico médico = medical diagnosis.
* diccionario médico = medical dictionary.
* emergencia médica = medical emergency.
* examen médico = medical examination.
* investigación médica = medical research.
* pase médico = teaching round.
* profesión médica, la = medical profession, the.
* receta médica = doctor's prescription.
* recetario médico = prescription pad.
* reconocimiento médico = medical checkup.
* representación óptica médica = medical imaging.
* seguro médico = health insurance plan, medical insurance, health insurance.
* servicio médico = medical care, medical aid, medical assistance.
* sin receta médica = over the counter.
* tratamiento médico = doctoring, medical treatment.
* vendaje médico = wound dressing.
* visitadora médica = pharmaceutical saleswoman.
* visitador médico = pharmaceutical salesman.
* visita médica = grand round.

* * *
médico1 -ca
un reconocimiento médico a medical examination, a medical
está en tratamiento médico he is having o undergoing treatment
médico2, médica
masculine, feminine
masculine and feminine
médico cirujano
médico de cabecera
family doctor o (AmE) physician, general practitioner, GP
médico de medicina general
general practitioner, GP
médico forense or (Chi, Per) legista
forensic scientist
médico interno residente
intern (AmE), houseman (BrE)
médico podólogo
chiropodist, podiatrist (AmE)
médico rural
country doctor
Médicos sin Fronteras
mpl Doctors Without Borders, Médecins sans frontières
* * *


Del verbo medicar: (conjugate medicar)

medico es:

1ª persona singular (yo) presente indicativo

medicó es:

3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) pretérito indicativo

Multiple Entries:
médico 1
-ca adjetivo

un reconocimiento médico a medical (examination)
médico 2 sustantivo masculino y femenino
médico de cabecera family doctor o (AmE) physician, general practitioner, GP;
médico de medicina general general practitioner, GP
I sustantivo masculino y femenino doctor
médico de cabecera, family doctor
II adjetivo medical

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- medication
- must
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- record
- registrar
- report
- round
- see
- send for
- should
- spot
- stop by
- strike off
- clinic
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- make
- physical
- profession
- pronounce
- veterinarian
- veterinary
- want
* * *
médico1, -a
reconocimiento médico medical examination o checkup;
realizó estudios médicos he studied medicine
ir al médico, ir a la consulta del médico to go to the doctor o doctor's
Am médico asimilado = doctor attached to the army;
médico de cabecera family doctor, general practitioner;
médico de cámara royal physician;
médico de familia family doctor, general practitioner;
médico forense specialist in forensic medicine;
médico de guardia duty doctor;
médico interno (residente) Br house officer, US intern;
Am médico legista specialist in forensic medicine;
médico militar army o military doctor
médico2, -a adj
Hist Median
* * *
I adj medical
II m/f doctor
* * *
médico, -ca adj
: medical
una receta médica: a doctor's prescription
médico, -ca n
doctor: doctor, physician
* * *
médico n doctor
su padre es médico her father is a doctor
tengo que ir al médico I've got to go to the doctor's
médico de cabecera GP

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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